Kick Challenge & Free Tutorials 

Can you do our latest "Copy this Kick" challenge? A spinning reverse to knock the bottle! Requires skill and great accuracy.


A Quadruple kick no touching the ground! Worth 8 points (with the new rules).

Also check out our previous kick challenges (540 spin and treble kick finishing on a double kick to the face!) 

Tutorial of high performance coach Gareth Brown demonstrating floor warmup to isolate and strengthen hip muscles for more range and power in kicks.

Tutorial demonstrating the use of the stab (side kick) in order to control and win matches at elite & Olympic level. Feautring Bianca Walkden Olympic Medallist, World & European Champion.

Tutorial for general phase training, building hip strength for speed, power and holding a high chamber position when kicking. Featuring World Medallist Rachelle Booth. 

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